17th Panzer Division (Germany)

17th Panzer Division (Germany)

17th Panzer Division was formed on November 1940 from 27th Infantry Division. It fought on the central sector of the Eastern front from June 1941 until November 1942 when it was sent to the southern sector where it took part in the failed attempt to relieve the surrounded troops at Stalingrad. It withdrew through the Ukraine and Poland before ending the war in eastern Germany.


* Generalmajor Karl Ritter von Weber (November 1, 1940July 17, 1941)
* General der Panzertruppen Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma (July 17, 1941September 15, 1941)
* Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen von Arnim (September 15, 1941November 11, 1941)
* Generalleutnant Rudolf-Eduard Licht (November 11, 1941October 10, 1942)
* General der Panzertruppen Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin (October 10, 1942June 16, 1943)
* Generalleutnant Walter Schilling (June 16, 1943July 21, 1943)
* Generalleutnant Karl-Friedrich von der Meden (July 21, 1943September 20, 1944)
* Generalmajor Rudolf Demme (September 20, 1944December 2, 1944)
* Oberst Albert Brux (December 2, 1944January 19, 1945)
* Generalmajor Theodor Kretschmer (February 1, 1945May 8, 1945)

Area of operations

* Germany : November 1940 - June 1941
* Eastern front, central sector : June 1941 - November 1942
* Eastern front, southern sector :November 1942 - March 1944
* Eastern front, central sector : March 1944 - August 1944
* Poland : August 1944 - March 1945
* Eastern Germany : March 1945 - May 1945

Order of battle


*Divisional Staff
*Mapping Detachment (mot)
*Military Police Detachment (mot)
*Escort Company

39th Panzer Regiment

*Regimental Staff
*2 x Battalion
*Panzer Maintenance Company

40th Panzergrenadier Regiment
*Regimental Staff
*3 x Battalion
*Pioneer Company (mot)
*Infantry Support Gun Company (self-propelled) 27th Panzerjäger Battalion
*Battalion Staff
*Panzerjäger Battalion Staff Company
*2 x Sturmgeschütz Company
*Panzerjäger Company (mot)
*Panzerjäger Supply Column (mot)

27th Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
*Battalion Staff
*Battalion Staff Company
*Luchs Reconnaissance Company
*2 x Reconnaissance Company (half-track)
*Heavy Reconnaissance Company (half-track)
*Reconnaissance Supply Company (mot) 27th Panzer Artillery Regiment
*Regimental Staff & Staff Battery
*Battalion (self-propelled)
*2 x Battalion (mot) 297th Army Flak Battalion
*Battalion Staff & Staff Battery
*2 x Heavy Flak Battery (mot)
*Llight Flak Battery (mot) 27th Panzer Signals Battalion

*Signals Battalion Staff
*Panzer Telephone Company
*Panzer Radio Company
*Signals Supply Company (mot) 27th Panzer Pioneer Battalion
*Battalion Staff (half-track)
*2 x Pioneer Company (mot)
*Pioneer Company (half-track)
*Support & Supply Units

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