Operation Roller Coaster

Operation Roller Coaster
Operation Roller Coaster
Country  United States
Test site Nellis Air Force Range
Period 1963
Number of tests 4
Test type Plutonium dispersal
Max. yield zero
Previous test Operation Sunbeam
Next test Operation Niblick

Operation Roller Coaster[1] was a series of 4 nuclear tests conducted at the Nellis Air Force Range in 1963. The tests examined the dispersal of plutonium in storage and transportation accidents and were not expected to produce any nuclear explosive yield. The tests were:

Name Date Size
DOUBLE TRACKS May 15, 1963 0 yield
CLEAN SLATE I May 25, 1963 0 yield
CLEAN SLATE II May 31, 1963 0 yield
CLEAN SLATE III June 9, 1963 0 yield


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