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Departments of Argentina

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Departments (Spanish: departamentos) form the second level of administrative division in the provinces of Argentina. There are no departments in the city of Buenos Aires, which has so far been divided into neighbourhoods (barrios) as its administrative divisions, but is to be divided now into communes ("comunas") by a recently passed local act. On the other side, Buenos Aires Province is divided into partidos, which means "parts" or "divisions". Each partido is normally governed by a popularly-elected Intendant. Departamentos do not have intendants or any other executive authorities. But they are the basis for the election of members of provincial legislative bodies. For example, in Santa Fe, each departamento returns one senator to the provincial Senate.

Including the two departments in Tierra del Fuego Province that are only claimed, there are 376 departments, excluding the partidos of Buenos Aires Province. 32 department names are not unique within Argentina, leading to 75 departments that have same or similar name counterparts in at least one other Argentine province.


Departments with the same or similar names

Some departments have similar names:

  • referring to Manuel Belgrano in some form 7x
    • Belgrano Department 3x
    • Doctor Manuel Belgrano Department, Jujuy
    • General Belgrano Department 2x
    • General Manuel Belgrano Department, Misiones
  • referring to José de San Martín 10x
    • General San Martín Department 2x
    • Libertador General San Martín Department 3x
    • San Martín Department 5x

Some departments in different provinces have the same name:

  1. Avellaneda Department
    1. Avellaneda Department, Río Negro
    2. Avellaneda Department, Santiago
  2. Belgrano Department
    1. Belgrano Department, San Luis
    2. Belgrano Department, Santa Fe
    3. Belgrano Department, Santiago
  3. Bermejo Department
    1. Bermejo Department, Chaco
    2. Bermejo Department, Formosa
  4. Capital 11x
  5. Chacabuco Department
    1. Chacabuco Department, Chaco
    2. Chacabuco Department, San Luis
  6. Colón Department
    1. Colón Department, Entre Ríos
    2. Colón Department, Córdoba
  7. General Alvear Department
    1. General Alvear Department, Corrientes
    2. General Alvear Department, Mendoza
  8. General Belgrano Department
    1. General Belgrano Department, Chaco
    2. General Belgrano Department, La Rioja
  9. General Güemes Department
    1. General Güemes Department, Chaco
    2. General Güemes Department, Salta
  10. General Roca Department
    1. General Roca Department, Córdoba
    2. General Roca Department, Río Negro
  11. General San Martín Department
    1. General San Martín Department, Salta
    2. General San Martín Department, La Rioja
  12. Independencia Department
    1. Independencia Department, Chaco
    2. Independencia Department, La Rioja
  13. Junín Department
    1. Junín Department, Mendoza
    2. Junín Department, San Luis
  14. La Paz Department
    1. La Paz Department, Catamarca
    2. La Paz Department, Entre Ríos
    3. La Paz Department, Mendoza
  15. Lavalle Department
    1. Lavalle Department, Corrientes
    2. Lavalle Department, Mendoza
  16. Libertador General San Martín Department
    1. Libertador General San Martín Department, Misiones
    2. Libertador General San Martín Department, Chaco
    3. Libertador General San Martín Department, San Luis
  17. Maipú Department
    1. Maipú Department, Chaco
    2. Maipú Department, Mendoza
  18. Minas Department
    1. Minas Department, Córdoba
    2. Minas Department, Neuquén
  19. Nueve de Julio Department
    1. Nueve de Julio Department, Chaco
    2. Nueve de Julio Department, Río Negro
    3. Nueve de Julio Department, San Juan
    4. Nueve de Julio Department, Santa Fe
  20. Rawson Department
    1. Rawson Department, Chubut
    2. Rawson Department, San Juan
  21. Río Chico Department
    1. Río Chico Department, Tucumán
    2. Río Chico Department, Santa Cruz
  22. Rivadavia Department
    1. Rivadavia Department, Mendoza
    2. Rivadavia Department, Salta
    3. Rivadavia Department, San Juan
    4. Rivadavia Department, Santiago
  23. San Antonio Department
    1. San Antonio Department, Jujuy
    2. San Antonio Department, Río Negro
  24. San Carlos Department
    1. San Carlos Department, Mendoza
    2. San Carlos Department, Salta
  25. San Javier Department
    1. San Javier Department, Córdoba
    2. San Javier Department, Misiones
    3. San Javier Department, Santa Fe
  26. San Justo Department
    1. San Justo Department, Córdoba
    2. San Justo Department, Santa Fe
  27. San Martín Department
    1. San Martín Department, Corrientes
    2. San Martín Department, Mendoza
    3. San Martín Department, San Juan
    4. San Martín Department, Santiago del Estero
    5. San Martín Department, Santa Fe
  28. San Pedro Department
    1. San Pedro Department, Jujuy
    2. San Pedro Department, Misiones
  29. Santa Rosa Department
    1. Santa Rosa Department, Catamarca
    2. Santa Rosa Department, Mendoza
  30. Sarmiento Department
    1. Sarmiento Department, Chubut
    2. Sarmiento Department, San Juan
    3. Sarmiento Department, Santiago del Estero
  31. Veinticinco de Mayo Department
    1. Veinticinco de Mayo Department, Chaco
    2. Veinticinco de Mayo Department, Misiones
    3. Veinticinco de Mayo Department, Río Negro
    4. Veinticinco de Mayo Department, San Juan

List of departments

Department Capital Province
Adolfo Alsina Department Viedma Río Negro
Aguirre Villa General Mitre Santiago
Albardón Department Albardón San Juan
Alberdi Department Campo Gallo Santiago
Almirante Brown Department Pampa del Infierno Chaco
Aluminé Aluminé Neuquén
Ambato La Puerta Catamarca
Ancasti Department Ancasti Catamarca
Andalgalá Department Andalgalá Catamarca
Angaco Department Villa del Salvador San Juan
Anta Department Joaquín Víctor González Salta
Antofagasta de la Sierra Department Antofagasta de la Sierra Catamarca
Antártida Argentina Department Tierra del Fuego
Apóstoles Apóstoles Misiones
Arauco Department Aimogasta La Rioja
Atamisqui Department Villa Atamisqui Santiago
Atreuco Department Macachín La Pampa
Avellaneda Choele Choel Río Negro
Avellaneda Herrera Santiago
Ayacucho Department San Francisco de Monte de Oro San Luis
Añelo Department Añelo Neuquén
Banda Department La Banda Santiago
Bariloche Department San Carlos de Bariloche Río Negro
Belgrano Department, San Luis Villa General Roca San Luis
Belgrano Department, Santa Fe Las Rosas Santa Fe
Belgrano Bandera[disambiguation needed ] Santiago
Bella Vista Bella Vista Corrientes
Belén Department Belén Catamarca
Bermejo Department, Formosa Laguna Yema Formosa
Bermejo Department La Leonesa Chaco
Berón de Astrada Department Berón de Astrada Corrientes
Biedma Department Puerto Madryn Chubut
Burruyacú Department Burruyacú Tucumán
Cachi Department Cachi Salta
Cafayate Department Cafayate Salta
Cainguás Campo Grande Misiones
Calamuchita Department San Agustín Córdoba
Caleu Caleu Department La Adela La Pampa
Calingasta Department Calingasta San Juan
Candelaria Santa Ana Misiones
Capayán Department Chumbicha Catamarca
Capital Posadas Misiones
Capital Corrientes Corrientes
Capital Córdoba Córdoba
Capital La Rioja La Rioja
Capital Mendoza Mendoza
Capital Salta Salta
Capital San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca Catamarca
Capital San Juan San Juan
Capital San Miguel de Tucumán Tucumán
Capital Santa Rosa La Pampa
Capital Santiago del Estero Santiago
Caseros Department Casilda Santa Fe
Castellanos Department Rafaela Santa Fe
Castro Barros Department Aminga La Rioja
Catán Lil Department Las Coloradas Neuquén
Catriló Department Catriló La Pampa
Caucete Department Caucete San Juan
Cerrillos Department Cerrillos Salta
Chacabuco Charata Chaco
Chacabuco Department, San Luis Conquarán San Luis
Chalileo Department Santa Isabel La Pampa
Chamical Department Chamical La Rioja
Chapaleufú Department Intendente Alvear La Pampa
Chical Có Department Algarrobo del Aguila La Pampa
Chicligasta Concepción (Tucumán) Tucumán
Chicoana Department Chicoana Salta
Chilecito Department Chilecito La Rioja
Chimbas Department Villa Paula A. de Sarmiento San Juan
Chos Malal Department Chos Malal Neuquén
Choya Department Frías Santiago
Cochinoca Department Abra Pampa Jujuy
Collón Curá Department Piedra del Aguila Neuquén
Colón Colón Entre Ríos
Colón Department Jesús María Córdoba
Comandante Fernández Department Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña Chaco
Concepción Department Concepción Corrientes
Concepción de la Sierra Concepción de la Sierra Misiones
Concordia Concordia Entre Ríos
Conesa Department General Conesa Río Negro
Confluencia Department Neuquén Neuquén
Conhelo Department Eduardo Castex La Pampa
Constitución Villa Constitución Santa Fe
Copo Department Monte Quemado Santiago
Coronel Felipe Varela Department Villa Unión La Rioja
Coronel Pringles Department La Toma San Luis
Corpen Aike Department Puerto Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
Cruz Alta Banda del Río Salí Tucumán
Cruz del Eje Department Cruz del Eje Córdoba
Curacó Department Puelches La Pampa
Curuzú Cuatía Department Curuzú Cuatía Corrientes
Cushamen Department Leleque Chubut
Deseado Department Puerto Deseado Santa Cruz
Diamante Diamante Entre Ríos
Doce de Octubre Department General Pinedo Chaco
Doctor Manuel Belgrano Department San Salvador de Jujuy Jujuy
Dos de Abril Department Hermoso Campo Chaco
El Alto Department El Alto Catamarca
El Carmen Department El Carmen Jujuy
El Cuy Department El Cuy Río Negro
Eldorado Eldorado Misiones
Empedrado Empedrado Corrientes
Escalante Department Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut
Esquina Esquina Corrientes
Famaillá Department Famaillá Tucumán
Famatina Department Famatina La Rioja
Federación Federación Entre Ríos
Federal Federal Entre Ríos
Figueroa Department La Cañada Santiago
Florentino Ameghino Department Camarones Chubut
Formosa Formosa Formosa
Fray Justo Santa María del Oro Villa Sylvina Chaco
Fray Mamerto Esquiú San José, Catamarca Catamarca
Futaleufú Department Esquel Chubut
Gaiman Department Gaiman Chubut
Garay Helvecia Santa Fe
Gastre Department Gastre Chubut
General Alvear Alvear Corrientes
General Alvear Department, Mendoza General Alvear, Mendoza Mendoza
General Angel Vicente Peñaloza Tama La Rioja
General Belgrano Corzuela Chaco
General Belgrano Olta La Rioja
General Donovan Makallé Chaco
General Güemes Juan José Castelli Chaco
General Güemes General Güemes Salta
General Juan Facundo Quiroga Malazán La Rioja
General Lamadrid Villa Castelli La Rioja
General López Melincué Santa Fe
General Manuel Belgrano Bernardo de Irigoyen Misiones
General Obligado Reconquista Santa Fe
General Ocampo Milagro, La Rioja La Rioja
General Paz Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Caá Catí Corrientes
General Pedernera Villa Mercedes San Luis
General Roca General Roca Río Negro
General Roca Villa Huidobro Córdoba
General San Martín Villa María Córdoba
General San Martín Ulapes La Rioja
General San Martín Department Tartagal Salta
General Taboada Añatuya Santiago
Gobernador Dupuy Buena Esperanza San Luis
Godoy Cruz Department Godoy Cruz Mendoza
Goya Goya Corrientes
Graneros Department Graneros Tucumán
Guachipas Department Guachipas Salta
Gualeguay Department Gualeguay Entre Ríos
Gualeguaychú Gualeguaychú Entre Ríos
Guaraní El Soberbio Misiones
Guasayán San Pedro de Guasayán Santiago
Guatraché Department Guatraché La Pampa
Guaymallén Villa Nueva Mendoza
Güer Aike Río Gallegos Santa Cruz
Huiliches Junín de los Andes Neuquén
Humahuaca Department Humahuaca Jujuy
Huncal Bernasconi La Pampa
Iglesia Rodeo San Juan
Iguazú Puerto Esperanza Misiones
Independencia Department, La Rioja Patquía La Rioja
Independencia Campo Largo Chaco
Iriondo Cañada de Gómez Santa Fe
Iruya Department Iruya Salta
Ischilín Deán Funes Córdoba
Islas del Atlántico Sur Tierra del Fuego
Itatí Itatí Corrientes
Ituzaingó Ituzaingó Corrientes
Jiménez Pozo Hondo Santiago
Juan Bautista Alberdi Juan Bautista Alberdi, Tucumán Tucumán
Juan Felipe Ibarra Suncho Corral Santiago
Junín Department Junín Mendoza
Junín Santa Rosa San Luis
Juárez Celman La Carlota Córdoba
Jácha Department San José de Jáchal San Juan
La Caldera Department La Caldera Salta
La Candelaria Department La Candelaria Salta
La Capital San Luis San Luis
La Capital Santa Fe Santa Fe
La Cocha Department La Cocha Tucumán
La Paz San Antonio Catamarca
La Paz La Paz, Argentina Entre Ríos
La Paz Department, Mendoza La Paz, Mendoza Mendoza
La Poma Department La Poma Salta
La Viña Department La Viña Salta
Lacar San Martín de los Andes Neuquén
Lago Argentino El Calafate Santa Cruz
Lago Buenos Aires Perito Moreno Santa Cruz
Laishí San Francisco de Laishí Formosa
Languiñeo Department Tecka Chubut
Las Colonias Esperanza Santa Fe
Las Heras Department Las Heras Mendoza
Lavalle Department Lavalle Corrientes
Lavalle Department Lavalle Mendoza
Leales Bella Vista, Tucumán Tucumán
Leandro N. Alem Leandro N. Alem Misiones
Ledesma Libertador General San Martín Jujuy
Libertad Puerto Tirol Chaco
Libertador General San Martín Department Libertador General San Martín San Luis
Libertador General San Martín Puerto Rico Misiones
Libertador General San Martín General José de San Martín Chaco
Lihué Calel Cuchillo-Co La Pampa
Limay Mahuida Limay Mahuida La Pampa
Loncopué Department Loncopué Neuquén
Loreto Department Loreto Santiago
Los Andes Department San Antonio de los Cobres Salta
Los Lagos Department Villa La Angostura Neuquén
Loventué Victorica La Pampa
Luján de Cuyo Department Luján de Cuyo Mendoza
Lules Department Lules Tucumán
Magallanes[disambiguation needed ] Puerto San Julián Santa Cruz
Maipú Department Maipú, Mendoza Mendoza
Mapoú Tres Isletas Chaco
Malargüe Department Malargüe Mendoza
Maracó General Pico La Pampa
Marcos Juárez Department Marcos Juárez Córdoba
Matacos Ingeniero Suárez Formosa
Mayor Luis Jorge Fontana Villa ngela Chaco
Mburucuyá Department Mburucuyá Corrientes
Mercedes Department Mercedes Corrientes
Metán San José de Metán Salta
Minas Andacoyo Neuquén
Minas San Carlos, Córdoba Córdoba
Mitre Villa Unión Santiago
Molinos Department Molinos Salta
Monte Caseros Department Monte Caseros Corrientes
Montecarlo Montecarlo Misiones
Monteros Department Monteros Tucumán
Moreno[disambiguation needed ] Quimilí Santiago
Mártires Department Las Plumas Chubut
Nogoyá Nogoyá Entre Ríos
Nueve de Julio Sierra Colorada Río Negro
Nueve de Julio Nueve de Julio, San Juan San Juan
Nueve de Julio Tostado, Santa Fe Santa Fe
Nueve de Julio[disambiguation needed ] Las Breñas Chaco
O'Higgins San Bernardo Chaco
Oberá Oberá Misiones
Ojo de Agua[disambiguation needed ] Villa Ojo de Agua Santiago
Orán San Ramón de la Nueva Orán Salta
Paclín La Merced Catamarca
Palpalá Palpalá Jujuy
Paraná Paraná Entre Ríos
Paso de Indios Department Paso de Indios Chubut
Paso de los Libres Paso de los Libres Corrientes
Patiño Comandante Fontana Formosa
Pehuenches Buta Ranquil Neuquén
Pellegrini[disambiguation needed ] La Fragua Santiago
Pichi Mahiuda Río Colorado Río Negro
Picunches Las Lajas Neuquén
Picún Leufú Department Picún Leufú Neuquén
Pilagás Espinillo Formosa
Pilcaniyeu Department Pilcaniyeu Río Negro
Pilcomayo Department Clorinda Formosa
Pirané Department Pirané Formosa
Pocho Salsacate Córdoba
Pocito Villa Alberastain San Juan
Pomán Department Pomán Catamarca
Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña Laboulaye Córdoba
Presidente de la Plaza Presidente de la Plaza Chaco
Primero de Mayo Margarita Belén Chaco
Puelén Veinticinco de Mayo La Pampa
Punilla Cosquín Córdoba
Quebrachos Sumampa Santiago
Quemú Quemú Department Quemú Quemú La Pampa
Quitilipi Quitilipi Chaco
Ramón Lista General Enrique Mosconi Formosa
Rancul Parera La Pampa
Rawson Department Rawson Chubut
Rawson Villa Krause San Juan
Realicó Realicó La Pampa
Rinconada Department Rinconada Jujuy
Rivadavia Department, San Juan Rivadavia[disambiguation needed ] San Juan
Rivadavia Selva Santiago
Rivadavia Department Rivadavia Mendoza
Rivadavia Rivadavia Salta
Robles Department Fernández Santiago
Rosario Department Rosario Santa Fe
Rosario Vera Peñaloza Chepes La Rioja
Rosario de Lerma Rosario de Lerma Salta
Rosario de la Frontera Rosario de la Frontera Salta
Río Chico Department, Santa Cruz Gobernador Gregores Santa Cruz
Río Chico Aguilares Tucumán
Río Cuarto Department Río Cuarto Córdoba
Río Grande Río Grande Tierra del Fuego
Río Hondo Termas de Río Hondo Santiago
Río Primero Santa Rosa de Río Primero Córdoba
Río Seco Villa de María Córdoba
Río Segundo Villa del Rosario Córdoba
Río Senguer Department Alto Río Senguer Chubut
Saladas Department Saladas Corrientes
Salavina Los Telares Santiago
San Alberto[disambiguation needed ] Villa Cura Brochero Córdoba
San Antonio Department San Antonio Oeste Río Negro
San Antonio Department San Antonio, Jujuy Jujuy
San Blas Department San Blas La Rioja
San Carlos Department San Carlos, Mendoza Mendoza
San Carlos San Carlos Salta
San Cosme Department San Cosme Corrientes
San Cristóbal San Cristóbal Santa Fe
San Fernando Resistencia Chaco
San Ignacio San Ignacio Misiones
San Javier Department Villa Dolores Córdoba
San Javier San Javier Misiones
San Javier San Javier Santa Fe
San Jerónimo[disambiguation needed ] Coronda Santa Fe
San José de Feliciano San José de Feliciano Entre Ríos
San Justo Department San Justo Santa Fe
San Justo[disambiguation needed ] San Francisco, Córdoba Córdoba
San Lorenzo Department San Lorenzo Santa Fe
San Lorenzo Villa Berthet Chaco
San Luis del Palmar Department San Luis del Palmar Corrientes
San Martín La Cruz Corrientes
San Martín Department San Martín, Mendoza Mendoza
San Martín Villa San Isidro San Juan
San Martín Department, Santiago del Estero Brea Pozo Santiago
San Martín Department Sastre Santa Fe
San Miguel San Miguel Corrientes
San Pedro San Pedro Misiones
San Pedro Department San Pedro, Jujuy Jujuy
San Rafael Department San Rafael, Mendoza Mendoza
San Roque Department San Roque Corrientes
Sanagasta Department Sanagasta La Rioja
Santa Bárbara Department Palma Sola Jujuy
Santa Catalina Department Santa Catalina Jujuy
Santa Lucía Santa Lucía San Juan
Santa María Santa María Catamarca
Santa María Alta Gracia Córdoba
Santa Rosa Bañado de Ovanta Catamarca
Santa Rosa Department, Mendoza Santa Rosa, Mendoza Mendoza
Santa Victoria Santa Victoria Salta
Santo Tomé Santo Tomé Corrientes
Sargento Cabral Colonia Elisa Chaco
Sarmiento Department Garza[disambiguation needed ] Santiago
Sarmiento Department Sarmiento Chubut
Sarmiento Villa Media Agua San Juan
Sauce Department Sauce Corrientes
Silípica Arraga Santiago
Simoca Department Simoca Tucumán
Sobremonte San Francisco del Chañar Córdoba
Susques Susques Jujuy
Tafí Viejo Department Tafí Viejo Tucumán
Tafí del Valle Department Tafí del Valle Tucumán
Tala Rosario del Tala Entre Ríos
Tapenaga Charadai Chaco
Tehuelches Department José de San Martín Chubut
Telsen Department Telsen Chubut
Tercero Arriba Oliva (Argentina) Córdoba
Tilcara Tilcara Jujuy
Tinogasta Department Tinogasta Catamarca
Toay Toay La Pampa
Totoral Villa del Totoral Córdoba
Trancas Department Trancas Tucumán
Trenel Trenel La Pampa
Tulumba Villa Tulumba Córdoba
Tumbaya Tumbaya Jujuy
Tunuyán Department Tunuyán Mendoza
Tupungato Department Tupungato Mendoza
Ullum Department Ullúm San Juan
Unión[disambiguation needed ] Bell Ville Córdoba
Uruguay Concepción del Uruguay Entre Ríos
Ushuaia Department Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego
Utracán General Acha La Pampa
Valcheta Department Valcheta Río Negro
Valle Fértil San Agustín del Valle Fértil San Juan
Valle Grande Valle Grande Jujuy
Valle Viejo San Isidro Catamarca
Veinticinco de Mayo Machacai Chaco
Veinticinco de Mayo Alba Posse Misiones
Veinticinco de Mayo Department, Río Negro Maquinchao Río Negro
Veinticindo de Mayo Villa Santa Rosa San Juan
Vera Department Vera Santa Fe
Victoria Victoria Entre Ríos
Villaguay Villaguay Entre Ríos
Vinchina Department Vinchina La Rioja
Yavi La Quiaca Jujuy
Yerba Buena Department Yerba Buena, Tucumán Tucumán
Zapala Department Zapala Neuquén
Zonda Department Zonda San Juan
Ñorquin El Huecú Neuquén
Ñorquinco Department Ñorquinco Río Negro

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