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Obverse Books

Obverse Books is a British publisher, best known for publishing books relating to the character Iris Wildthyme. The imprint was founded by Stuart Douglas in 2008 to provide an outlet for adult-oriented fiction relating to Doctor Who,[1][2]. The second book released, The Panda Book of Horror, came to the attention of Pan Macmillan and was mentioned in the introduction to that company's re-issued Pan Book of Horror and in articles in various mainstream magazines, including SFX[3], as an example of the cultural impact the original book has had.

In 2010, Douglas announced on Facebook and the Gallifrey Base Doctor Who forum that Obverse were expanding their remit, and would be publishing single author collections and non science fiction collections.

Additionally, Obverse Books acquired the rights to publish short story collections based on Faction Paradox, with the first volume to be released in 2011.[4][5]

The first single author collection, With Deepest Sympathy, by noted horror writer and editor, Johnny Mains, was released in October 2010 to generally good reviews ('a distinctive and impressive debut collection' according to a review in the British Fantasy Society magazine, Prism)[6][7], alongside a collection of ghost stories, edited by Cavan Scott and featuring some of the biggest names on the UK horror scene.[8].

In 2011, The Obverse Quarterly was launched, a series of paperback books aimed at genre fans. Amongst early contributors are Conrad Williams, Reggie Oliver, Michael Moorcock, Mark Hodder and George Mann.[9].

Also in 2011, Obverse released the first in a series of tete-beche collections, as part of the resurgence of such books in the speculative fiction market.[10][11]



Iris Wildthyme

  • Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus (eds, Paul Magrs and Stuart Douglas, 29 May 2009)
  • The Panda Book of Horror (eds, Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs, 12 December 2009)
  • Miss Wildthyme and Friends Investigate (collection of linked novellas, 10 June 2010)
  • Iris: Abroad (eds, Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs, December 2010)
  • Wildthyme in Purple (ed, Stuart Douglas and Cody Quijano-Schell)

Faction Paradox

  • A Romance in Twelve Parts (eds, Lawrence Miles and Stuart Douglas, 31 May 2011)

The Obverse Quarterly

  • Book 1: Bite Sized Horror (ed Johnny Mains)
  • Book 2: Senor 105 and the Elements of Danger (ed Cody Quijano-Schell)
  • Book 3: The Diamond Lens and Other Stories (the short fiction of Fitz James O'Brien)
  • Book 4: Zenith Lives!

Other titles

  • The Obverse Book of Ghosts (ed, Cavan Scott, November 2010)
  • With Deepest Sympathy - Johnny Mains (October 2010)
  • Skaldenland - Jim Mortimore (May 2011)
  • Team Up - Paul Magrs and George Mann


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